Pier Lotus

There is something new to discover at every corner of this pier…

Pier Lotus Lounging The Bar Cabanas

Pier Lotus

Lotus Flower is a delicate flower that is layered with many petals surrounding it. Designed and named after the famous Lotus Flower, Pier Lotus offers many possibilities. You may use the pier to reach new parts of the Guvercinlik Sea, order yourself a delicious cocktail, or rent one of our exclusive cabanas with your loved ones to spend your day in privacy.

Pier Lotus


Its comfortable lounge and sunbathing areas will make you more at ease than you have ever been on a pier. Enjoy the music by dancing or in the sea…

The Bar

If you don’t want to leave the pier – your cocktails are ready right here! Drinks and snacks will be served from our pier bar all day long.



The cabanas are the ideal option if you want to enjoy the sun and the sea without giving up your privacy. Located at the sides of Pier Lotus, these exclusive cabanas are yours to rent.

Your complementary fruit basket and drinks will be waiting for you upon your arrival. For an ultra special Pier Lotus experience, we highly recommend you to try one of our cabanas at least for one day.