• All Lujo staff wear special-designed face shields and masks, and have detailed knowledge regarding the measures taken for your health.
  • Greeting gestures such as hand shaking shall not be used in order to minimize contact with the guests.
  • Our hotel is established on 110 acres of land, and due to its natural architectural structure, it has been designed in such a way that our guests will not experience any density during their accommodation, food & beverage or entertainment experience. As in line with the measures, all furnitures have been replaced to ensure social distancing, and the frequency of routine cleaning operations has been increased as once in every one or two hours.
  • A thermal camera is used to scan body temperature of all hotel staff and guests entering the hotel. Health conditions of hotel staff are constantly monitored, and social distancing is also applied in the areas like staff lodging and shuttles.
  • All of our guests can get in contact with our Joy Advisor team via Whatsapp and they can convey their requests and needs this way without any physical contact.
  • Floor marking signs to promote social distancing are placed in certain areas where guest density is possible.
  • Restaurant, beach and pool of our hotel are designed to welcome our guests in full capacity and social distancing can be easily provided during this period.
  • Hygiene points are placed in areas throughout the hotel. Our guests can provide and use products such as, mask, hand sanitiser at these points.
  • There is a doctor available 7/24 at Lujo. When you feel under the weather, you can get in touch with our doctor without losing time.
  • Fresh air is provided by regular cleaning of the filters of the ventilation and air conditioning system throughout the hotel. All indoor areas are shut down at regular intervals and ozone gas is used for sterilization.
  • Hygiene activities in all hotel facilities are monitored by the Diversey Company.
  • A Waste Management Plan is implemented for medical waste at our hotel.


  • Thanks to our transfers by our private vehicles.
    • Guests are welcomed without handshake.
    • Cologne wet wipes that are packed one by one are offered.
    • There are cologne, mask, gloves, cologne wet wipes and medical waste bag in each vehicle.
    • Our drivers wear mask.
    • After guest gets off vehicle, vehicles are cleaned and inside parts of vehicles are disinfected.

  • An alternative transfer vehicle that isolates driver part from passengers is available as well.
  • Ozone gas is used for sterilization of vehicles before transfer.
  • Clean air circulation is provided by opening windows at intervals of 15 minutes in each vehicle.


  • Guests are welcomed without handshake.
  • Our Valet Team, taking vehicles of our guests arriving by their own vehicle, uses mask while driving vehicle. Valet cleans spots where s/he touches after parking vehicle. During check-out, the vehicle is delivered to the guest after detailed cleaning.
  • Guest luggages are disinfected before being taken to the hotel. Luggage Rooms are regularly disinfected with ozone.
  • At reception desk,
    • Surfaces are regularly and frequently disinfected.
    • Hotel staff uses mask.
    • Masks and hand sanitizers are available at Reception Desk.

  • Registration forms are sent to our guests via Whatsapp through a link.
  • Pens to be used for signing are disinfected and packed one by one and they are served by opening their packs to be used by our guests for the first time.
  • All of our guests sign a letter of commitment during check-in procedures, indicating that they shall abide by Covid-19 precautions.
  • Based on the information taken from our guests during check-in, our guests that are 60 years old or older and/or that have chronic diseases are taken into special follow-up requiring guest category and their health status and cleaning of their rooms are followed-up daily.
  • If cards of our guests are fitted with the feature of contactless payment, then cards are used in this manner. Lujo staff does not touch cards; POS devices are sanitized regularly.
  • Lujo Hotel room keys are disinfected for our guests.
  • Cars are disinfected after each use and disinfectant kit is available in cars. Lujo staff, driving buggy cars, use mask and gloves.


  • Checked-out rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with products and procedures of the Diversey Company.
    • Protective covers are placed on beds and pillows. These protective covers are collected to be disinfected after each guest and replaced by new ones.
    • Textile products used for decoration such as lace pillows are removed from rooms.
    • Besides doorknobs and furniture surfaces, wares such as air conditioner panels, TV remote control, room phone, hair-dryer and clothe-hangers are thoroughly cleaned, as well.
    • Housekeeping staff wear gloves, mask and overshoes.
    • Ozone gas is applied for one hour in rooms during the room cleaning that is applied after each check-out.

  • There are desks, where hand sanitisers and masks are placed, at block entrances.
  • A precaution kit, composed of masks, gloves, cologne and cologne wipes are available in all rooms for our guests.
  • All printed materials in the guest rooms that are not obligatory are removed. Our guests can access contents such as LujoMag Magazine or restaurant menus via Lujo Art & Joy mobile application, website or IPTV system in their rooms.
  • All staff entering into guest rooms are required to wear mask, and overshoes.
  • Requests of our guests, who do not want anyone to enter their rooms, are left in front of room doors in a hygienic bag.
  • When requested, single-use and packaged cups will be used in guest rooms.
  • Information about disinfection procedures performed in guest rooms are available on IPTV.


  • All of our restaurants continue to provide à la carte menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner services. Cold products, dessert, salad, fruit etc. on buffet, where guests have common contact, are served by kitchen staff.
  • Seating at our restaurants is arranged in such a way that there are 4 persons within 10 square meters and guests are accepted to our restaurants with reservation.
  • Tables and chairs are cleaned with disinfectant solution before and after each use.
  • Hand sanitisers are available at restaurant entrances.
  • All service staff use mask. Lujo service staff disinfect their hands before and after each order.
  • In our restaurants, the menus are served as QR codes. The printed menu is also available for those who wish. Our guests can also access our restaurant menus via Lujo Art & Joy mobile application if they wish.
  • When requested, single-use cup, plate, straw and cutlery will be used at beaches and pools.
  • White table clothes is used on our tables and these clothes are changed after each guest.
  • All materials used at restaurants and bars are kept waiting in disinfectant solution after service, and prepared for re-use.
  • ISO 22000 Food Safety Procedures are valid at our kitchens. All staff work with gloves, mask and bonnet. Our kitchens are regularly disinfected.
  • All materials purchased for our hotel are taken into storage rooms after being disinfected with special solution.
  • Some of our products are offered as specially packaged for our guests who do not prefer open products.
  • Our products such as butter, olives, sauces etc. are packaged in porcelain pots one by one and foodstuff such as jam, hones, mayonnaise, ketchup, etc. are offered for consumption in portioned glass jars.
  • Types of healthy diets that strengthen immune system are offered in our menus.
  • Bread and other bakery products are offered for consumption after being packaged.
  • Nothing is catered openly throughout the hotel. Everything is catered in closed, small packages.


  • Gaps between sunbeds on beaches and at pool are arranged considering social distancing precautions.
  • After each use, the sunbeds are cleaned thoroughly and prepared for the next guest.
  • All of our pools are being continued to be cleaned thoroughly as always. They are controlled by measuring at least 3 times a day. Hygiene mats are available at all pool entrances. Kids Pools are completely drained and cleaned at least once a week.
  • When requested, catering service around pool and beach will be provided with single-use packages.
  • Distance between sports equipment in Sensum Fit are arranged and number of users is restricted. Sensum Fit is regularly shut down during the day and ozone gas is applied. Sports equipment is cleaned with disinfectant solution.
  • Lujo Sports Academy continues to provide services at outdoors Zen Garden. Sports equipment is cleaned by the staff in charge before and after each use. Arrangements are done according to social distancing rules in group activities. Guests are encouraged to participate in individual courses with reservation system.
  • Arrangements are done according to social distancing rules in performances at Puppet Arena and other outdoor venues.


  • The Kijo Club nurses check each child’s temperature with a contactless thermometer at the entrance to the club and frequently the temperature of children are checked also inside. Any children with high fever are not accepted into the club.
  • The number of children admitted to the rooms and activities is limited. All activity areas within Kijo, the Art Room, Science Room, Music Room and Wood Workshop are subject to a reservation.
  • Families are not allowed in Kijo, except in exceptional cases. All families entering the club must wear a mask. All toys that cannot be disinfected have been removed from the club. Any materials used in the activities are disinfected. At the end of the activity, the rooms are ventilated with fresh air for at least an hour.
  • All products such as Kijo T-shirts, bags, etc. will be disinfected and delivered to the children in a closed bag.
  • There are hand sanitizer dispensers and masks in Kijo, with hand-washing instructions for children. All surfaces in Kijo are wiped down with disinfectant solution every hour. At the end of each day, all closed areas are disinfected with the ozone system.
  • The sleeping rooms in Kijo have been arranged in accordance with the social distancing rules and staff dealing with babies wear masks and Anti covid visors.


  • Each guest’s temperature is measured at the entrance of Sensum Spa, and any guest with a high fever is not admitted to the spa area.
  • Guests will be accepted to the areas within the spa by reservation in line with the capacities determined by the social distance rules, and compliance with the social distance rules is followed by the spa staff.
  • Guests are required to use the hand sanitizer dispensers located within the Sensum Spa. Staff disinfect their hands before and after all treatments and work with masks.
  • Guests are required to use disposable products (underwear, slippers, etc.) and fabrics (Turkish pestamals, towels, etc.) provided in the locker room cabinets.
  • The sauna, steam room, salt room and Turkish bath will be ventilated for at least 15 minutes after use. In the massage rooms, all surfaces will be disinfected after each massage, all towels replaced and ozone sterilisation will be carried out for 15 minutes.

Following the circular dated 02.08.2020 and numbered 71490862-010.06.02-E.555476 issued by the Republic of Turkey MINISTRY OF CULTURE AND TOURISM Directorate of General of Investments and Enterprises, our guests who are going to stay in our hotel and who have a permanent residence abroad can take the COVID-19 test in our hotel upon their request.

We kindly ask our guests who want to take a test to be careful about the following points.

  • Our guests having the obligation to take the Covid-19 test on the return to their country are required to take the test 48 hours before the flight.
  • Please notify the JOY ADVISOR team that you want to take a test no later than 72 hours before your departure time to avoid delays. Your test will be performed 48 hours before your check out time.
  • Our guests can take PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test and antibody test.
  • Hospital officials will take the samples in the infirmary of our hotel.
  • The test results of our guests will be sent to the e-mail addresses of our guests within 48 hours.
  • The copy of your passport and flight information will be shared with Acıbadem Bodrum Medical Center, which is our business partner in healthcare services.