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So, you made the resolution to "be more active" this year? This is your chance to keep it!

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Get stronger for the dance floor…

If you would like to get your muscles working before you hit the dance floor, visit our Fitness Center for various fitness activities. Apart from the regular gym equipment we also have CrossFit gear that you can use. Our trainer will be more than happy to assist you and you will be able to continue your regular program. Or you could ease into it with Yoga or Pilates lessons. And you could always ask our personal trainer to create a custom program for you only!


Sports is one of the most amazing ways to discover yourself and your body’s abilities. You will get stronger and stronger each time you exercise and you will hardly believe all the things you can accomplish. However, it may be difficult to decide where or how to begin. We highly recommend getting help from a professional. At Lujo we offer Personal Training lessons. They will be personal lessons tailored to your needs.


CrossFit has many fans across the globe, and for good reason. If you want to see why people are praising it so much now is your chance to find out. And if you are already following a program, you can continue your routine and return home even stronger!


With our heatable 10x20m indoor pool, it is never too early for vacation!

If you don’t want to wait for the summer to arrive before beginning your vacation, or you prefer a certain heat/coolness while you are doing your swimming laps, you will enjoy our indoor pool. This heatable 10x20m indoor pool is ready for your vacation when you are!


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