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6 Things to Consider in Making Your Vacation More Fun and Enjoyable

Up until a few months ago, planning a vacation was an enjoyable task in itself. It was entirely up to you to make a choice between having a romantic vacation in the Maldives and walking around the beaches of St. Tropez, a favorite destination of Hollywood stars, in flip-flops. But right now, even the thought of taking a vacation raises a question mark in minds. We have a few suggestions for you here on how you can plan a safe, but at the same time, fun and enjoyable vacation.

ÇAĞSAL KILIÇKAYA / Lujo Hotel Bodrum / Director of Sales & Marketing

There are a few things I've learned over the years I've spent in the tourism industry. Paying attention to these things will protect you and your loved ones this season and every season, and will allow you to spend pleasant vacations together.


Everybody may have different expectations while on vacation. While you want to dance and have fun until the morning, especially in these days when we cannot do whatever we want, your spouse or best friend may just want to read a book while sipping a cocktail on the beach. Or while you want to have a delicious meal in a stylish restaurant with a beautiful view, your friends may want to discover historical ruins with a sandwich they took with them. Getting together to discuss the upcoming vacation plan and find a common solution right from the get-go will both help you choose your vacation region and prevent unnecessary frustration when you get to your vacation spot.


It is also very important to choose the facility where you will stay after determining your expectations from the vacation and choosing the place where you will spend your vacation. It is of vital importance for you and your loved ones to choose facilities that fulfill the safety and health conditions prescribed by the ministry and strictly follow the hygiene rules, especially during the pandemic period. On the websites of most facilities, you can find articles about the measures they have taken. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call and get information.

Another thing to consider when choosing your facility is the awards received by the facility. The awards, which are handed out meticulously in the tourism sector, are a sign that you can trust the facility you have chosen.


Congratulations, you got through the hard part. Now you know what to expect, where to go and where to stay. If you go on vacation as a group with a different understanding of vacation and make a plan more or less how you will spend your vacation, you can start having fun / resting as soon as you go.

For example, let’s assume you have come to Bodrum. After arriving at your hotel and settling into your room, you can go down to the beach and immerse yourself directly in the relaxing waters of the Aegean Sea. To relieve the travel fatigue and stress of the city life, you can go to the SPA and have a massage. Or you can have fun with live music after having a delicious dinner at a beautiful restaurant with a sunset view. On another day, you can swim in the secluded bays of Bodrum by joining a seaplane tour or renting a private yacht. You can set off early in the morning and take an adventurous walk on the paths paved by ancient civilizations. When you set your expectations well and make your vacation plan in advance, you can have extraordinary experiences even in places you think are familiar to you.

Of course, it is always necessary to make room for spontaneous activities while making plans. For example, when you go to handmade jewelry market in Gümüşlük, you may decide to have dinner there by being mesmerized by the beauty of sunset view. While having fun in Türkbükü, you may suddenly decide to continue the party in Mykonos. Letting the life flow is also as important as being planned.


Going on a vacation together with a group of people means compromising one's own wishes. But you can even enjoy moments like this if you make it a priority to take time for yourself. For example, if your partner wants to get some rest and start the day late, you can get up early and attend a yoga session at the hotel. Make sure you can make arrangements like this in places where you will go and stay, and take time for yourself.


It is necessary to pay attention to our health, especially during the pandemic period. If you are going to travel with your private vehicle, you can prepare your food in advance and take it with you to minimize the breaks. If you are going to get on the plane, you can request the hotel to pick you up from the airport by car. You can make your vacation trip more enjoyable by taking a few precautions beforehand.


You've made all the preparations to have a wonderful vacation - now it's time to enjoy it. We wish you a vacation full of art and joy with all your loved ones in advance!