PRESS / Lujo Hotel Bodrum: A Commitment to Inclusive Hospitality

Lujo Hotel Bodrum: A Commitment to Inclusive Hospitality

Lujo Hotel Bodrum is dedicated to fostering an environment of inclusivity and accessibility for all guests. We are pleased to announce our partnership with IncluCare, a leading organization specializing in inclusive hospitality training and verification.

Enhancing Accessibility Through IncluCare

Through extensive collaboration with IncluCare, we have implemented a comprehensive approach to enhancing accessibility throughout our resort. This includes:

  • Physical Accessibility: Our facilities have been meticulously designed and adapted to accommodate guests with mobility needs. We offer wheelchair-accessible rooms, ramps, and accessible pathways throughout the property.
  • Sensory Accessibility: We have integrated features to assist guests with visual or hearing impairments, including large-print menus, visual alarms, and assistive listening devices upon request.
  • Staff Training: Our entire staff has undergone rigorous training on inclusive hospitality practices, ensuring that all guests feel welcome, valued, and empowered during their stay.

IncluCare Verification: A Mark of Distinction

Lujo Hotel Bodrum is proud to have achieved IncluCare verification, a testament to our dedication to providing an exceptional experience for all guests. This verification reflects our unwavering commitment to creating a truly inclusive environment where everyone can enjoy the luxury and beauty of our resort.