PRESS / Lujo Green Key


The Lujo Hotel, surrounded by natural beauty, has been awarded the Green Key Award as an environmentally friendly and sustainable business.

As the Lujo Hotel, surrounded by natural beauty and equipped with environmentally friendly practices, we not only provide the highest level of comfort to our guests but also work tirelessly to create a livable world for future generations.

The Lujo Hotel adopts several sustainability measures to minimize its environmental impact. These measures include waste management, energy and water saving, and natural resource protection. Our hotel was built with environmentally friendly materials, and we take great care to avoid using potentially harmful substances in every step.

What Do We Do?

Acting with an eco-friendly consciousness, we offer à la carte service in all our restaurants to reduce waste. As a result, we provide a sustainable experience with flavors tailored to each of our guests' preferences and needs.

We contribute to a sustainable environment by using recycled materials in all our service products.

We treat 100% of the wastewater on-site and reuse the recovered water to irrigate plants throughout the facility. Thus, we use water resources efficiently and minimize our impact on nature.

We save energy and act environmentally friendly by using solar panels for the generation of hot water.

We minimize our carbon footprint by reducing the use of LNG.

We save energy and optimize energy consumption at each step and reduce our environmental impact thanks to automated monitoring of our hotel systems.

We are well aware of the importance of the steps we will take for a sustainable future in today's world, and we are delighted to share these values with our guests and grow our natural beauties for a world that will be lived in for generations.

We take major steps to preserve the wonders that nature offers us and to pass them on to future generations...