PRESS / Quality and Sustainability Policy

Quality and Sustainability Policy

As the Lujo Family, our goal is to create happy and satisfied guests by offering them an experience that combines art and pleasure with comfort and luxury, far from the ordinary, and to ensure that every guest remembers Lujo with their original stories full of delightful moments.

We aim to meet the expectations of our current and future guests at the highest level by closely following the developments in the world; we accept our guests as our focal point. We provide planning of services for needs and development of application areas. We aim to provide a healthy, safe and sustainable experience by offering products that comply with food safety principles.

We are committed to invest in our team members, to organize trainings that will ensure their development, to receive the opinions of employees and to establish systems that they can contribute to,

to eliminate the hazards in the working areas, to reduce the OHS risks, to ensure healthy and safe working conditions and to continuously improve,

to adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to respect each other's rights and ideas without distinction of gender, sexual preference, age, language, religion, race, disability status, and to understand that we are one,

to recognize the regions where we are located, to respect the historical value and culture, to benefit the economic and social development,

to prioritise the awareness and continuity of our employees, our guests and the local community with the sustainable values and social responsibility understanding brought by our brand; to carry out our decisions and practices in this direction,

to comply with the current International Standards and National Legal Legislation requirements, to follow and apply technological developments in order to ensure the protection of the environment, the correct use of natural resources, the efficient use of energy resources;

to share with our employees, guests, suppliers and society the practices and projects we carry out on a sustainable world;

to determine the correct goals for the continuous improvement of our management systems and performances, to provide the necessary information and resources to achieve these goals,

to make decisions in investment projects by taking into account the protection of the environment, biodiversity, natural resources and energy efficiency,

as senior management.