“All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players” sounds familiar? It sure should. Hundreds of years ago, William Shakespeare so insightfully detected that life indeed is a stage. Now it’s up to us to claim this stage for us! Where better to do this than in a wonderful climate, surrounded by the whole beauty of the Aegean Flora among thousands of flowers and plants and with the most hype beats that help us display our best moves!


Exactly, we’re talking about the Indigo Beach Club. An adult only zone at the heart of Lujo’s colourful and amazing world full of art & joy. Release your orange spirit and unleash the party beast inside you. Designed to respond to modern party lovers’ most exclusive demands, Indigo offers more than ‘just’ partying! It merges art & joy in a perfect blend. The most delicious cocktails prepared by our professional bar tender team will join you on this journey through the world’s most fun rhythms while you dance by the pool or with the soft sand between your toes directly at the - of course- adult only beach.


If you feel like you don’t wish to leave the party scene, that’s perfectly fine. The Indigo Clubber Rooms with terrace or pool options will be the right accommodation choice for you. Helpful to know that we have a party (recovery) kit for you stashed there - you know, just in case. Shh, just between you and me, a pole dance for the most daring moves and a specially designed sofa are waiting for you there, too. We won’t tell if you don’t! Remember, everything that happens here is just between you and the countless mirrors that will dazzle you while reflecting your most beautiful you!

If you are a party lover AND a gourmet, you’ll certainly be glad to know that the Opa! Restaurant in the zone serving exquisite Mediterranean cuisine will be a great choice for dinner before the party begins! Good to know that you can have a delicious breakfast, light snacks, a satisfying lunch and a drink or two, too, there. Ready? Let’s get this show on the road!

Oh and before we forget: If you wish to take your favourite Indigo Club tones home with you, you’ll love the playlists our DJ’s have put together for you. Dwell in memories of your past holiday at Lujo or just plan your next visit to immerse yourself in the wave of sounds! We’re waiting for you!