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We love shopping at Lujo and wanted to share this pleasure with our guests. The brand new Lujo Concept Store awaits you with an artful and joyful approach to this most precious pastime of all and introduces you to the world of colorful creations of the most talented artists.

Lujo Concept Store

Among them:

The wonderful creations of the twins Raisa & Vanessa, the young designers of the fashion world and female creators of the image of the modern and strong woman, who reflect the female self-confidence and strength in their collections and combine them with a maximalist, multidimensional and sexy design. Their beautiful pieces show an unconventional use of textures and styles and a creative approach to tailorship.

LeShow Moscow’s Future Star Design awarded Özgür Masur with his amazing prêt-à-porter collection.

Movom Beach Wear with their breathtaking beach fashion for the young, modern and stylish woman. Their amazing cuts help present the female body in its most beautiful shapes with a wonderful use of different colors, fabrics and materials.

Miss Muse, with beautiful textures, cuts and styles for the young lady.

Mesmerizing and chic creations of Dice Kayek, founded 1994 in Paris by the sisters Ayşe and Ece Ege and known to be the strongest and oldest Turkish design brand. Standing out with unique craftsmanship, sharp patterns, poplin shirts, sculptural silhouettes and embroideries, their beautiful creations are an essential part of every modern wardrobe.

… Just to mention a few.

Discover now your new favourite pieces at the Lujo Concept Store. Available as of Summer 2021.