Refined Cocktails of New Age

For centuries, alchemists have been searching for ways to turn matter into gold and the mysterious formula of immortality. Millions of experiments and thousands of substances mixed together that form the basis of mixology


A long learning process, detailed preparation, new recipes and a magnificent presentation. Mixologists, inspired by alchemists, are after that elixir that will give a feeling of almost immortality.

Thanks to the bartenders who chased after the taste that saved us from the dark times of only beer and liquor.

Mixologists use their talents to create unique experiences and tell a story. Mixology is similar to the molecular kitchen and fine-dining experience. Alcohol-accompanied syrups, carefully prepared with fresh ingredients used with the same care, are to maximize your experience.

Mixology has radically changed the way people drink. It brought new standards that did not exist before. Mixology has brought you the best in a simple scotch cola along with new and mixed recipes. We may be applying simple mixtures for years, but mixologists prepare and offer the best quality of these mixtures for us.

Refined cocktails and high quality drinks served at Lujo are waiting for you to crown your taste.

Special ingredients and mixes prepared in Lujo workshops, which look like a laboratory, by top mixologists, are served meticulously in all Lujo bars. How different can a plain Gin-tonic be, you might ask? Try it with Lavender perfume, which is completely consumable! The experience you will get when your sense of taste is combined with smell will seduce you!

Cocktails inspired by rock history served with cigars at Pablo Esco Bar, mixtures to quench your thirst in the Bodrum heat at Gaia, drinks with the same taste as Lujo's special fine-dining quality meals at OPA!, and more at Lujo Bars.