TAKE A CLOSER LOOK! / Somewhere over the rainbow…


“Cotton is cotton.” says Lailah Gifty Akita. We allow ourselves to disagree. If you have ever had the chance to get a glance of the “cotton castle” a.k.a. “Pamukkale”, you will certainly see we have a point.


Cotton-white terraces, as far as the eye can see will make a magnificent view from where you are, namely somewhere over the rainbow in our Lujo sea plane. This natural wonder near the province Denizli, made of travertine terraces housing hot mineral springs is a sight you will hardly ever forget.

Curious? Now take your seat and join us. The tour foresees a visit to the Hierapolis Antique City, adjacent to Pamukkale and founded as a thermal spa in the second century BC, the Cleopatra Pool and the (5* Hotel) Thermal Pool.

Pick up to this unique site, which, by the way is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is at 07.00. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, since the area of the Hieraopolis Antique City is a little rocky and you might want to be sure to be able to visit all the remote spots without having your feet aching. A tour guide will fill you in with all important details, while you may let yourself get caught in dreams of the Roman Republican and High Medieval times.

Be certain to take your photo or video camera with you, to immortalize the fantastic sight -and some money for souvenirs. Please do not forget to have your passport and a valid health insurance with you at all times.