TAKE A CLOSER LOOK! / Santa is real!


Well, you probably already knew that. While, when thinking of Santa, we imagine a rather chubby, apple-cheeked friendly elderly man, the true St. Nicholas probably was rather skinny. How would you feel about finding out everything about your childhood hero and more?

Our Demre-Myra-Kekova tour with the Lujo sea plane lets you dive deep into the mysteries and wonders of ancient times while revealing countless secrets of the past. Your primary destination will be the St. Nicholas Church in Demre, where you will find plenty of time to dwell in the past and in long-forgotten Christmas memories. The ancient city of Myra nearby will be explored afterwards, with a breathtaking antique theatre and a rock cemetery nearby.

Demre Myra

Turquoise waters and the sunken city of Simena are then awaiting you during your boat tour in Kekova, an ancient Lycian wonder. While Cleopatra is said to have enjoyed the refreshing waters centuries ago we must admit that we are not quite certain about this fact. We are more than sure, however, that you will love your swimming experience, looking down through crystal clear waters on the submerged remainders of Simena.

A visit to the cinema will follow your excursion to the past and bring you back to modern times.

Our beautiful sea plane with a capacity of maximum 8 people, will pick you up at 07.00 to begin your excursion. A guide on archeological sites will let you in on ancient legends and a delicious lunch with an exclusive bottle of wine will provide the necessary refreshment.

Never before, were these breathtaking ancient sites explored so comfortably and with a magnificent view from above before actually setting foot on the sites, it goes without saying that this should happen in comfy shoes. You might wish to eternalize your experience with a photo camera, of if you feel that does not suffice to communicate the true feeling, rather with a video camera.

While entries to archeological sites are included in the journey, you might nevertheless want to take some money with you for i.e. souvenirs. Please do not forget to have your passport with you at all times, as well as a valid health insurance.

Let the journey begin!