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“Life is too short to be the same person everyday.”, a wise person once said. Stephanie Perkins, to be exact. Bu what, if it was a better version of you? A more optimistic, more enthusiastic, renewed, re-energized version? How, you wonder. But happiness is closer than you might think. Step into the mystical atmosphere at Sensum Spa and embrace the idea of redefining who you are.

The newest beauty technology is combined here with ancient healing and relaxation methods to give you a newer, better, refreshed ‘You’.  Choose from a selection of exclusive escapes and treatments, designed with utmost care and love to detail. Premium products are used here according to your skin type and personal preferences, to offer yourself and your skin the feeling of a unique time travel to help you regain a youthful appearance.

Sensum Spa

Enjoy new sensations and discover traditional recipes from Africa, Mexica and Polynesia to achieve a status of total relaxation in sync with the rhythm of nature. Monoi, a mesmerizing flower from Tahiti and the aromas of ground arabic coffee will help you get a fresher and cleansed skin, while Polynesian massage techniques, effected with the help of wooden sticks and soothing balms will wrap their arms you like a sweet summer day.

Discover the essence of Sensum Spa in our Sensum Signature Ritual or feel the magical renewal through one of our beauty treatments. Supportive skin treatments, like the Thavma facial therapy or the Chronos facial therapy, inspired by the idea of a timeless appearance or body treatments to promote the state of inner balance like the Floating Seaweed Care will soon become your new favourite ‘me time’ activities.

Sensum Spa

The newest Icoone® laser as well as countless high technology treatments will help eliminate skin blemishes, strengthen connective tissue and detoxify. And the cherry on top of it? The technology can be used for all skin types.

There couldn’t be a better time to rediscover yourself than just now! Sign up for your next spa treatment right away.