Pablo Esco Bar

16+ dress code

If your choice is cigar and premium hard liquors, Pablo Esco Bar is the place for you.

Slippers and swimsuits are not allowed.

“Aqua Vitae”, meaning the water of life, used to describe all types of distillates, and eventually came to refer specifically to distillates of alcoholic beverages (liquors).

We would not be exaggerating if we told you any drink you choose from the Pablo Esco Bar while enjoying the beautiful Guvercinlik bay view will feel like the “water of life” to you as well.

We are pleased to host you and your entire family at this concept-bar with a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, coffee and premium wines.

At Pablo Esco Bar you will find the most exquisite spirits of Lujo, and even Turkey. Aged whiskies, select tastes, unique presentations…

Serving as a normal bar from 2PM, Pablo Esco Bar switches to Premium service after 6PM for those who want to enrich their evenings.

All these exclusive spirits are complimentary to our guests. However, if you would like to try a special cigar along with your drinks, those are charged extra.